Property Gimlet Marketing.

Property Gimlet Marketing.


It all started when…

I jumped on the social media bandwagon long before people understood what it was and the unifying powers it had. In 2008 my blog, personal website, The Entertaining House, was born. You can still find me there sharing my favorite books, looks, ideas, decorating, cooking and lifestyle tips.

Long before “influencer” was part of our vernacular I was one, representing celebrities and brands like Tiffany & Co., Warby Parker, Phillips Saeco, etc… From my website I was sought out for my writing and my unique style. These included several publications for Moffly Media, TownVibe, Coastal Connecticut and Yankee magazines among others. I also started contributing to CTBites, and 10 years later you can still find me there.

From these experiences, whether through word of mouth or the powers of social media, I became a trusted source of information for everything from restaurants and dining to travel and activities. Nearly four years ago I entered the world of social media professionally as a means of promoting local people and businesses and founded Gimlet Marketing to grow my client base. From years of practice, research and keeping abreast of trends, I started a consulting division within Gimlet Marketing specifically for those who want to learn and want to be able handle their own marketing instead of hiring someone else to do it.

As my business started to grow I began to see a great disconnect between the residents and the businesses in my area and I realized that the need to bridge the chasm between residents and businesses was a great one.

After devising a plan over the course of several months, I decided that an integrative, multi-level platform that would serve both businesses and residents and so Talk of the Town was born.

How am I different from the rest?

My platform is substantially different — It reaches a much greater and diverse audience. Talk of the Town is active and growing on Instagram and Facebook for quick, newsworthy information.

If you are interested in a partnership, contributing or have general questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me via the email below or by filling out the Contact sheet.

I will answer as soon as I am able!

The Entertaining House,  The lifestyle blog where it all began!

The Entertaining House,
The lifestyle blog where it all began!

Public Relations . Marketing . Social Media . Product Photography & Web Design

Public Relations . Marketing . Social Media . Product Photography & Web Design