View of Southport Harbor. Property of Talk of the Town.

View of Southport Harbor. Property of Talk of the Town.

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Welcome to Talk of the Town!

Talk of the Town was created for the residents and businesses in and around the Westport, Southport and Fairfield areas. We saw a need for a user-friendly, multi-level communications platform to unite area residents and businesses. This will not only serve as a resource, but based on your needs and desires, will offer so much more. Our user-friendly and integrative platforms will share newsworthy content such as events and activities, grand openings, and introduce you to members of our community and businesses, new and old, that might not have crossed your radar. We will be actively sharing on our Facebook page, Instagram and of course on here, where everything will have a permanent and easy-to-find location.

We welcome you to check out our various sections, Out on The Town, featuring restaurants and shopping, places to go for health and fitness, as well as shopping. Paint the Town features nightlife, social, physical and cultural activities. Toast of the Town celebrates business owners and members of our community. Get out of Town, our travel section and our blog, What’s New in Town were creating to share ideas for things to do on weekends with your family, special date nights, local attractions as well as those worth a drive.

We believe in community; we believe in supporting our community. We believe in local businesses and we believe in supporting our local businesses, whether the specialized boutique shop, the farm up the road or the local gym and wellness center. We believe there’s room for everyone and this is something we embrace.

In order to differentiate ourselves from the other sites I am personally vetting every listing, participant, post, sponsor, and so on. This isn’t meant to be a networking platform nor is it meant to be a listing service. Talk of the Town was created to bridge the chasm that exists between local businesses and town residents. I will treat this site much as I do the restaurant and product reviews I write professionally: I will not speak ill of a certain business or product, but I cannot endorse something that I do not fully believe in.

Please note that the website is very much a work in progress. New content is being added daily and we are always open to ideas and suggestions.

We are always looking for ideas, suggestions and comments and I can be reached at

I look forward to hearing from you!


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